26 December, 2013

Wedding Ornaments - Bride's Christmas ornament set

We know that Christmas is over but we wanted to let you know that ornaments make great gifts for other occasions all year round.

Today's gift idea is a Wedding set. Everyone always gives appliances, house wares, towels etc for wedding gifts but what happens when the Newlyweds get to their first Christmas together? They end up with a Charlie Brown tree because they don't have any ornaments.

Why not put together a wedding set? A beautiful box of ornaments that will not only be needed for their first Christmas together but made up of ornaments which have a special meaning behind them.
For this set I just went to my local hobby store and purchased a beautiful box to display them in and then filled it with 10 different ornaments to give the Newlyweds a good start to their first Christmas. You can fill this with as many ornaments as you like. Many of the ornaments that I selected have a special meaning behind them and you can get a list of those meanings here.

Another idea for this set would be to include ornaments that represent where the couple may be spending their honeymoon....so in this set we included this suitcase ornament for Italy (bottom right corner). Or you can fill it with ornaments that represent things that the couple loves. There is no right or wrong way to do this but you can be sure that this is a wedding gift that they will cherish for years to come.

More ornament legends.

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Nice post! wedding gifts are more fun, surprising and memorable..Thanks for giving us information..

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